Pillow Bag

We offers custom printed pre-made Pillow Bags. Pillow Bags are the most common type of flexible packaging option. As per the name of the bag, it forms the shape of a pillow. Once filled, it balloons from the middle and flatten out at the top and bottom seals. Pillow Bags are most commonly used for single serve products. This bag allows for brand messaging at the front and the back panels.


· Most economical flexible packaging option

· Can be used for high speed packaging applications

· Popular with single serve products

· Display on hanger holes

· Economical storage and transportation

· Good display on shelf

· Up to 10 color rotogravure printing

· Glossy , matte or UV finishing

· Product display window

· Metalized and non-metalized material structures can be used

Suitable Markets:

· Coffee

· Snack Foods

· Frozen Foods

· Nutritional Products

· Single Serve Products

· Household Chemicals

· Pet Food


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