block bottom pouch without zipper

Flat bottom bag is widely used for packing pet foods, coffee ,tea and  snacks. 250g,500g, 1kg,2kg,3kg,5kg bag is the most popular size bag.


Flat Bottom bag is stand up pouch with block bottom,with 2 side gussets,total with 5 faces,all can with printing.


Flat bottom can help the bags stand on the goods shelf easily, it can fill more products than stand up pouch.The block bottom allows the bag stands up properly even before they are filled.The four corner seals add durability for shipping and handling. One- way valve and tin-ties are also available. Wide opening for easy filling and pouring.Suitable for coffee beans, tea leaves, chocolates, candies, grains, etc.


It is the perfect flexible package to replace corrugated display box.

Press-to-close zipper,E-Zipper(front ziplock), slider zipper, Velcro zipper are available for Flat bottom bags.


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